I found out about Liana Buzea through her environmental social work. Later on I was going to find out that she had a specialisation very little known in Romania: sexological bodyworker.

I knew at the time that there was the concept of erotic intelligence and that this can be explored and cultivated in the setting of various courses, but I was skeptikal, especially because in our region things can derail easily into sordid aspects when it comes to sexuality.

Liana has nothing from the look of a femme fatale to give advice in matters of sex, on the contrary she is a trained woman, cultivated, with an elevated language, as she turned out to be through her writing. I invited her to join the online community of AVANTAJE brand, to present a series of articles regarding the erotic and sexual development. Her articles are an excellent opportunity for introspection, no matter if you are single or in a relationship. And her articles break down many myths regarding sexuality, as we have been taught to approach it or accustomed to treat it. Usually, we go to extremes – too prudish or too trivial. And as the royal way is the middle one, I believe Liana is situated in this fair range of approaching this subject much otherwise too delicate, too taby, too mystified or too exagerated.

Daniela Palade Teodorescu


For me The Erotic Temple came in a period of exploring my own femininity. It was a testing of my limits, to see whether I could talk about intimate things with strangers. The discussion was held in an intimate setting, safe, no rigors or social preconceptions. It was a limit I overpassed without effort, it came naturally, and that gave me confidence in myself and in my feminine power. And Liana is a warm person, close, sensitive, delicate, a beautiful person I wish to keep as a friend.


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