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Sexual development

Our sexuality is the most vulnerable, personal and intimate place in which we express and manifest ourselves. Through sexuality we create new life. When we bring attention and energy in this part of our lives, when we seek our development, evolution, transformation, expansion of experiences or perhaps overcoming challenges or blockages, we are talking about sexual development.

This is the most courageous and authentic thing we can do for ourselves. This „work” can be done either directly in a relationship in which there is the proper space, and the mutual interest and inner resources, or with external guidance.

Our sexual development means exploring our mind (the beliefs, definitions or expectations in this area), the emotions (the ones we have inside, the ones we show our partner, the ones we inspire in the other) and our body (the way in which it translates or recognizes pleasure, the way in which we awaken the erotic impulse, what we need physically for a beautiful intimate moment).

When we develop sexually, we assume development much easier in the other parts of our lives.

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Join Liana in the fresh FB group. This is a journey of inner exploration of our sensuality & sexuality.
We hold space for one another, we offer one another support and encouragement to build our communities or take part in existing communities.
You can ask any questions you have regarding sexuality & intimacy, share from your personal experience or ask for support from other members.

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Periodically I send resources on sexual development (videos, links, events, polls)

Hi, I’m Liana!

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™.

My mission is to help people better understand and embody their own sexuality.

I do this because I envision a world of sexually conscious people that overcome dependence, fear, shame, care, emotional or psychological numbness and bring to life a vibrant version of themselves.

As a Sexological Bodyworker™, I apply the somatic coaching method (related to the body, breath, sound, movement, and / or touch) that serves a learning goal related to one’s body and one’s sexual expression through the body.

My work does not involve sexual intercourse at any time; it is an external support only. Boundaries & Consent are applied throughout sessions, events and any other forms of doing my work.

Coaching 1 on 1

For those who do not wish to attend group sessions, there is also the individual study alternative.
According to my free time, but also our agendas.

I invite you to write me on my contact page about the 1 on 1 sessions.

1st year of Sexuality Coaching

This is the time I celebrate 1 year of my new activity. I started this journey with a personal search. My intention is to bring these things around me, to those who want to learn more about this part of their lives or which can help them overcome certain obstacles.

Check out the report here >

2nd year of sexuality coaching

I am celebrating my 2nd year of activity. At the same time I would like to present you with a few lessons I have learned in this year, both professionally as well as personally. This is because I live out by these principles before promoting them to those around me.

I invite you to read the full report here >

Sexual Development Survey

For 1 year and 5 months I ran an online survey regarding the interest and priorities for the people preocuppied with sexual development – as a branch of personal development. You can read here the detailed results.