At the end of July (2016) I organised my first workgroup, Group Zero as I called it. As I had announced here, before I open the gates for these workshops to the general public, I worked with a group of women in my network. I wanted to test the time I needed to teach, the rythm in which the information is processed and to receive feedback from a workgroup.

The test group went through the program I envisioned: a weekend (4 hours each day) plus a private session (of about 1 hour or maximum 1, 5 hours). There were 6 participants and a facilitator (yours truly), so the setting was small and intimate. Our ladies’ agreement for the maximum discretion was this: what is said within group zero… stays within group zero 🙂

As I had announced previously, within the workgroup we discussed the basic elements about sexuality and the erotic, the most widespred approaches in sex-therapy,  male-female polarity (the main differences when awakening the erotic impulse), plus a series of practical exercises which reveal the individual beliefs about sexuality, exploration of the erotic mind, basics in sensual massage, the core erotic blueprints and the determination of the individual blueprint, as well as a list of books on human sexuality.

Without steping over anyones intimacy and privacy (I requested the approval on this text before I published it) I will present just a few relevant elements about the women in the group.

The youngest is 28 years old. Age is a criterion for selecting the participants: the minimum I will accept is 26 years old. I believe that in order to truly understand the elements taught in this course, in order to get the value from the money spent, each participant needs a certain life experience, an erotic maturity and a true desire to grow in this part of their lives (so more than just plain curiosity). These groups have a filter to begin with: few people realise the value of such an intensive course and even fewer set up time, energy and resources for this side of their lives. Out of respect for the people who are truly interested in developing their intimate life, I will select the participants to the group based on their maturity and motivation. The energy that is created within the workgroup is important, thus a person who comes just out of curiosity could very well just look things up on their own. I realise this approach may sound intimidating, but at the same time for someone who truly knows that she (or he) wants in this area will serve as reassurance that within the workgroup the energy is settled, the level of discussion is high and that the value delivered by each participant is thus optimal.

Furthermore, each of the participants (in this case) had already studied on their own: first of all readings to deepen the knowledge on sexuality, as available in both western and oriental cultures. Perhaps this aspect will be better understood it connected to their essence: in their day-to-day lives they are women who build different projects, aside from their work, show interest for sportive activities (not necessarily intense, but enough to help them lean towards a hormonal and psychic balance), show an interest into healthy nutrition and have a penchant for reading and self – development. The majority have attended various trainings and seminars for their own self-knowledge and self-understanding, not just in the sexual field.

Another important element is that each one of them had already had a prior dialogue with their partner (whether their current partner or ex) about their desire to learn and to explore deeply their sexual and erotic self. Whether in a relationship or not when attending the workgroup (this is not actually a criterion for selection or for attendance) the fact they declared to their partner this desire shows a big opening and genuine desire. Aspect which makes easier the process of learning and applying the knowledge (which are not just physical, to techniques, but also regarding attitude, approach, perspective and direction to continuously learn and develop. It is most likely that after this workgroup, future participants will naturally announce their partners about their desires (if they had not already done so).

The experience itself was relaxed. As I said in the video (shot at the end of the workshop) my first concern was whether I was going to explain and deliver properly the knowledge acquired (to which I am continuously adding to). My stress was relieved in the moment I started to talk. The interaction within the group was excellent. Explaining and understanding the sexual blueprints (with their light and shadow) was the most appreciated moment within the group, and the most cheerful and light moment was the one related to the sensual massage techniques 🙂

In hopes we will meet at a workgroup, I encourage you to start now exploring this side of your life. And in this frame of mind perhaps this article on books (related not only to human sexuality) will be of help or inspiration to you.