Feminine massage (or intimate massage) is an intimate ritual that few of us know. Whether men or women. This is far more than just a sequence of movements. The ability to relax a woman profoundly is perhaps the one thing that will make or break the encounter

The ritual, when it is understood, assimilated and offered in the appropriate context, can be one of the most beautiful and delicate gifts for both partners.

The intimate massage ritual will be taught in an intensive learning temple, or otherwise said, in a live teaching session. Throughout three hours we will approach theoretical and practical knowledge. This is a group format, dedicated exclusively to women. The only home assignment will be the massage itself, done in an intimate and appropriate setting, with the partner.

The „Feminine massage” is a small part of the entire teaching offered within the Erotic Temples for Women.

Feminine Massage Temple

Begin a sensual journey inside and out!

When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives.

„Feminine massage” is dedicated to all women interested to develop their sexual and erotic side.

The values under whom this learnig temple is organised are: discretion, compassion, understanding and safety for the harmonious unfolding of the teaching.

Attendance does not imply any exposure nor inadequate behaviour from any participant nor the facilitator.

Sexuality is our great source of human fulfillment. It is the core of who we are. It is the way we enter this world and the part in which we direct a significant amount of energy.

In our intimate relationships we undress ourselves not just physically, but also emotionally.

When we seek to become conscious of our sexuality, to manifest it in accordance with who we are and to use it for our own evolution, we begin to tap into our potential of sensual women.

Here is what we will learn in the „Feminine massage” temple:

Part 1 – 0h30’


– Arrival, introduction

– Because the atmosphere will have a certain degree of intimacy, it is absolutely necessary to introduce and present ourselves.

– No delays are accepted.

Part 2 – 0h30’


– Feminine intimate anatomy (interior and exterior).

– The projection of internal organs on the female reproductive organs (knowledge of relexology based on the Chinese Traditional Medicine).

Part 3 – 0h20’


– Introducing the guidance attitude on behalf of the woman and support and understanding attitude on behalf of the partner. Active and conscious givind and receiving. The most frequent mistakes in communicating or relating during the massage.

– (Context of massage: exposure to vulnerable postures or situations; abbility to focus in order to guide the partner)

Part 4 – 1h30’


– Explanation and realisation of the massage movements and technique.

– Justification of the order of movements

– Practical session and evaluation.

– Questions and answers.


1.„Feminine massage” temple will be taught in Romanian. It can be organised in English for foreign people, based on checking this option in the registration form.

2. The temple represents a learning and personal development session. To not be mistaken for personal therapy. Women seeking counseling on a specific matter are invited to use the contact form in the blog in order to receive recommendations of adequate therapists for the need or issue.

For whom is it?

  • Women seeking to understand and assimilate this ritual, regardless of their relationship status
  • Women who will be „present” during the teaching and will take the respectful attitude towards the subject of the teaching
  • Women who know how to honor the presence of the other participants, who do not „invade or engross” the space of other participants and respect the verbal agreement at the basis of each temple (discretion, compassion, understanding and safety for the harmonious unfolding of the teaching)
  • Women who are not shy nor reluctant to hear or see explicit content from the facilitator
  • Minimum recommended age: 26 (a certain level of maturity and life experience is necessary to understand and permeate the difference between a series of movements and a full and complex ritual)


  • Understanding and deepening of this intimate ritual
  • The fundamentals of anatomy and reflexology
  • The appropriate attitude for running the intimate massage (the necessary refinement of a skilled partner)
  • Instruments to help developing the intimate experiences range of the couple (the antidote to boredom or lack of variety)


  • Date: TBA
  • Time: 14:30 – 17:30
  • The „Feminine massage” learnig temple will take place in Bucharest.
  • The place of the event will be communicated to the participants who have registered and payed the fee.

What you will learn and experience:

  • Anatomy and reflexology basics of the reproductive organs
  • Attitude and basic elements in relating during the massage
  • Learning and evaluating the massage technique

Purchase your spot in the „Feminine massge” temple!

Individual fee: 150 RON.

Please remember this fee is non-refundable.

I look forward to meeting you inside!

When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives!