When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives.

The Erotic Temples are intensive learning sessions dedicated to women. They open the door to the universe of human sexuality and encourage each participant to enter the realm of sexual and erotic self -knowledge. They provide the basis for designing the personal sexual strategy.

A temple format is a one-weekend delivery of theoretical and practical content, followed by a group Q&A call. There will be home assignments prior to the temple as well as after the temple. A typical assignment will contain emotional and experiential exploration as well as practical techniques to learn and apply.

The Erotic Temple can be either the first step into the path of sexual growth or the opportunity to refine and master numerous sexuality aspects.

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Throughout time, women interested in sexual exploration and expression have been regarded as sluts (with multiple causal partners, of low quality) or even whores (professional prostitutes).

Generally, they were not regarded by men as respectable life-partners. Also, they were perceived by other women as threats. All important results achieved by them, were often attributed to sleeping with one or more men.

Alongside these still prevailing beliefs, the pornographic industry and the media are not reliable sources for our sexual education. Although we are receiving from them an abundance of sexual innuendo and content.

Society does not yet have the proper foundation for a harmonized and healthy sexual education and growth.

Sexuality is our great source of human fulfillment. It is the core of who we are. It is the way we enter this world and the part in which we direct a significant amount of energy.

In our intimate relationships we undress ourselves not just physically, but also emotionally.

When we seek to become conscious of our sexuality, to manifest it in accordance with who we are and to use it for our own evolution, we begin to tap into our potential of sensual women.

We thus begin with our internal universe and our self-knowledge.

We do not have to expose ourselves publicly, flaunt our intimate lives to others nor subject ourselves to unfitting people, situations or experiences.

Self-knowledge and self-acceptance represent the first step.

Here is what we will learn in the Erotic Temple

(with a time approximation):

Day 1

Session 1 – 1h

Set the intention

– Introductory exercise to harmonize the group energy and connect with ourselves

– The importance of priming (the #1 necessity in a relationship or encounter)

– Hold your own intimate space (the fundamental skill that any woman can cultivate)

Session 2 – 1h

The basics

– The building blocks of human intimacy (get the foundations)

– The main approaches in sex therapy (know the counseling you receive from specialists)

– Sex therapy vs. sex coaching (when should you consider addressing each one)

Session 3 – 3h

Your erotic map

– Identify your beliefs around sexuality (learn from your existing „programs”)

– The connection between sexuality and money (uncover hidden aspects that may keep you from growing)

– The emotional aphrodisiacs (understand your emotional turn-ons)

– Peak erotic experiences (learn from your strengths)

– Sexual fantasies (uncover and understand aspects you have shunned)

Conclusions –  45’

– Recap of all notions learned

– Q&A to clarify al the notions learned

Day 2

Session 1 – 2h

The erotic blueprints

– Definition, light and shadow aspects, how to nurture, heal and expand each blueprint (learn the basics in sexual interaction)

– Identify and understand the individual major erotic blueprint (get clarity on your intimate manifestations and needs)

– Asses your formula: dominant and minor blueprints (get your full snapshot)

Session 2 – 1h

Male – female polarity

– Definition

– How to use polarity to activate the erotic impulse (get some of the basic notions in sexual education)

– How we use polarity in our day to day lives (the elementary guide for sexually conscious women)

– Assessment of own polarity in various situations (get your polarity snapshot and see where you can improve)

Session 3 – 2h30′

The massages

– 5 elements massage

– Soft objects massage

– Genital massage for men and women

Conclusions – 45’

– Recap of all notions learned

– Q&A for immediate clarity

– Homeplay assignments

– Establish the Q&A group call


1. The Erotic Temples will be held by default in Romanian. Foreign participants can opt for English speaking temples in the Registration Form.

2. The Erotic Temples are a sexual development and education platform. They are not to be mistaken for personal therapy sessions. For those seeking counseling for a specific problematic case, send the query on the contact form and you will receive recommendations of therapists compatible with your needs.

Reserve your spot in one of the Erotic Temples!

Who are the erotic temples for?

  • Women who want to learn and grow, regardless if they are single or in a committed relationship.
  • Ideally women of at least 26 years old (a certain level of maturity and life experience ensures that you get the best value out of the temple)
  • Driven and motivated women who will be fully present with the teachings, take responsibility for the homeplay assignments
  • Women who know how to honor the presence of others, do not „take” too much space and abide by the Ladies Agreement required (discretion, compassion, understanding and safety for all the participants of the Erotic Temple)
  • Women who are not shy or reluctant to listen and watch explicit content from the facilitator

What you get out of the erotic temples?

  • Knowledge of what is out there on human sexuality
  • Building blocks for your sexual strategy.
  • Knowledge and understanding of your light and shadow aspects
  • Building blocks for your self-esteem and confidence in the partner when engaging sexually (either in a committed relationship or in casual encounters)
  • Tools to help you communicate with and to your partner what you want, what you need, without causing unnecessary frustration or turmoil
  • ITools to help you receive your partner’s feedback and desires


When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives.

2017 Agenda:

The Erotic Temples are held in Bucharest, Romania.

The time and location will be communicated privately, after registration and confirmation.

Each temple includes one group Q&A call. (supplementary from the conclusion sessions after each temple day). The call will be held on Tursdays, at 18:00 (Romanian Time or GMT+2).Call duration: aproximately 1h20′.

Questions can be e-mailed no later than 12 hours prior to the call.Otherwise, they can be raised during the live call.

Maximum number of participants per temple: 6

The upcoming temples:

September 16th – 17th

October 21st – 22nd

November 18th – 19th

What you will experience:

  • Two days of high quality teachings + practical techniques
  • Homeplay assignments to explore on your own or with your partner
  • Printed material to take with you home
  • Personalized advice.

Purchase your spot in one of the Erotic Temples!

All for €200.

Please note the program is non-refundable.

I look forward to meeting you inside!

When we open up sexually, we open up in all areas of our lives!