My mission is to raise erotic intelligence quotient, to fill education and experimentation gaps (regardless of the relationship status) as well as to open up the road for women to explore what they wish or need in this field.

With confidence, with an open mind, with a professional and ethical background and by protecting the individual intimacy.

Authentic sexual development impacts all areas of our lives.

What is a human sexuality coach

A human sexuality coach is someone who first worked on a personal level, under the guidance of already certified trainers who have oriented the development and understanding process in this field.

The work of a sexuality coach does not imply the intimate act itself, and this needs to be understood fully.

The processes that this coach can offer are:

  • education and information in human sexuality and erotic
  • ensuring a proper space for the development of individuals, couples or groups, for understanding their own body, for creating their own growth and development strategies – according to personal needs
  • can ensure the space for better management of strong emotions related to sexuality (somatized in dysfunctions or affections of the body – although this coach does not substitute a physician or a psychotherapist)

With a personal need for growth in this area, I have sought professional and ethical options which until now I have found outside Romania (SE Europe) – my current residence country.

With this real need for a harmonious development, I launched the sexuality coaching concept in Romania. And I began by addressing women. this part of our lives can be developed with respect and seriousness, in an adequate setting.

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3 secrets to vibrant sexuality

Periodically I send resources on sexual development (videos, links, events, polls)

More about Liana

I’m Liana and since 2014 I began exploring the universe of knowledge on human sexuality.

Since 2016 I am undergoing a formal trainig as a sexological bodyworker and I have decided to develop simultaneously a community of people with the same vision and desire to develop in this area of life.

List of trainings and programs taken so far:

2014: July – October, IMPACT online program organised by Matthew Hussey

2014: 5 sessions of sexual counseling under the guidance of psychotherapist Bianca Pătrașcu

2014 – presently: the trainings offered by Artasia Foundation (mainly within the femininity department, Taiyin) with a focus on the feminine health practices, hormonal balancing, self-knowledge, all rooted in the taoist philosophy. Trainer: Carmen Alona Shuilian

2014 – permanently: intensive study in the sexuality filed, oriental and western literature on human sexuality and the erotic (part of the readings presented here)


1. Launching the blog and writing the Sexual Manifesto – available on the homepage.

2. Online training on the connection between money and sexuality, Going All The Way, organised by the amazing AmyJo Goddard

3. Live intensive training on holistic sensual massage (The Czech Republic) with specialisations on: massage ritual; genital massage and reflexology; anal massage; vaginal mapping; breathing and sexual continence; the 5 elements massage; facial massage; healing aspects of holistic sensual (tantric) massage organised by The European Academy of Somatic Education (trainers: Denisa Riha Palečková and Richard Vojík)

4. Online training on self-knowledge, activating and maintaining the feminine sexual energy at optimal levels (A Well F**ked Woman, created and held by Kim Anami)


1. Online course on the basis of tantric sexuality (Tantra Touch held on Mindvalley Academy platform, trainer Psalm Isadora).

2. Personal development Counselor training (Classification of Occupations in Romania 242324)

3. Training as a sexuality coach Sexological Bodyworker Training (training began in the Czech Republic in July 2016, to be continuted in 2017 in Germany)